• 3 Stars and the Sun

    Fresh Roxas scallops with kimchi cucumbers pickled nori and chives paired with hakao.


  • Gambas con Chorizo

    Spiced coconut prawns sauteed with aromatic spices served with bread. 



  • Beef Salpicao

    Beef tenderloin sauted with garlic and olive oil.


  • Sizzling Sisig

    Pork hash cooked three ways seasoned with calamansi citrus and soy dressing served in a sizzling plate. 


  • Sinuglaw sa Gata

    Ceviche of fish, lime, vinegar, coconut cream pickled vegetables (sparkling/riesling).



  • Laing Fishball

    Coconut fish balls stuffed with yam leaves fried tilapia and chillies. 


  • Ginataang Sugpo

    Slowly poached tiger prawns in our famous coconut sauce. 



  • Calamares

    Crispy squid rings accompanied with squid ink aioli and fragant herbs. 


  • Spring Rolls

    Crispy home mix of Island spring rolls. 



  • Crispy Kangkong Nachos

    Crispy kangkong with tenderloin bits mango salsa cheese sauce kangkong served with spicy cheese rolls.


  • Croquetas Pugita

    Fresh Adobadong octopus with jamon serrano encased in potato crusted with dehydrated coconut and squid ink aioli. 




  • Seafood Platter

    Cocktail Prawns, oysters, Scallops, Tuna Sashimi, Blue Crab and Fried Calamares, A Bounty of Seafoods. 



  • Coconut Crusted Prawns

    Coconut crushed prawns with mango salsa and japanese wasabi mayo 


  • Squid Ink Palabok

    Squid ink pasta with palabok sauce top with smoked fish and chiote prawn sauce served with mixed mussels and crispy pork belly. 


  • Seafood Pasta (Red sauce or oil base)

    Mixed seafood, mixed prawns, mussels, clams and squid with pasta in olive oil, white wine and garlic. 


  • Seafood Kare Kare

    Stuffed crusted pumpkin crab with grilled prawns & squid, vege rolls with aklan mussles top with subo salsa sitting on kare kare sauce. 




  • Aklan Oysters (6 pcs)

    Fresh Oysters seasoned with fresh seafood sauce, fried shallots, tomatoes, onion & lime. 


  • Escabeche

    Whole crispy fried fish with tomato, bell peppers, pineapple in sweet and sour sauce. 


  • Garlic Buttered Shrimp

    Native garlic bulbs unsalted butter and seasoned achuete oil.



  • Flaming Barako Ribs

    (Coffee spare ribs) Dry rub of barako arabica with a nice honey soy coffee glaze. 



  • Bagnet Pinakbet

    Crispy fried pork belly with stir fried shrimp, pumpkin, tomato snake beans, eggplant, ampalaya, and okra spiced in coconut sauce. 



  • Crispy Pata

    Crispy fried pork hocks with spiced vinegar dressing.


  • Beef Kare Kare

    Osso bucco beef, oxtripe in achuete peanut sauce with banana heart, snake beans, eggplant, baby choy sum, and okra. 


  • Crispy Pansit Canton

    Stir fried mixed seafoods, vegetable and mushrooms on crispy canton egg noodles. 


  • Crispy Pansit Canton (Vegetarian)

    Vegetarian type of Crispy Pansit Canton. 


  • Adobo

    Chicken and pork adobo braised in pepper, garlic, vinegar soy with soft boiled eggs. 


  • Bulalo Black Truffle Steak

    Sizzling beef shank served with bulalo truffle gravy. 



  • Crispy Tadyang w/ Cauliflower Salad

    Crispy fry short ribs served with cauliflower salad. 



  • Tomahawk Lechon Kawali

    Crispy fried lechon kawali with fried eggplant, bagoong and manga salsa. 


  • Chori Cheese Burger

    An Island favorite 80% beef 20% chorizo 100% the best 




  • Chicken Paro Paro

    Inasal butterfried chicken inachuete oil, turmeric & lemongrass chill with papaya atchara relish and crushed peanuts. 



  • Pork BBQ




  • Squid




  • Snapper




  • Bangus




  • Prawns







  • Enseladang Espesyal

    Grilled eggplant salad topped with special shrimp paste red egg & green mango.



  • Tunatataki Salad

    Pepper lemon crusted tuna poke lightly seared sitting on a nice honey sesame mustard dressing accompanied with mixed greens, cherry tomato red cabbage and pickle vegetables.



  • Pugita (Octopus or Pulpo Salad)

    Octopus, Mango salsa, chimichuri and pickles watermelon served with sriracha aioli.




  • Chicken Inasal Salad

    Fresh mixed of tropical greens grilled chicken paro paro with peanut butter vinaigerette.



  • Buko Puso Salad

    Beef tapa, Prawns Fresh coconut, banana heart, green beans, tomato, fried shallots, garlic, chilli and fragrant herbs with calamansi dressing.



  • Beef Kebab Salad

    Beef tenderloin marinated with mediterranean spices, mixed greens feta cheese, cherry tomato, onion, cucumber, lemon dressing served with garlic bread.


  • Bagnet Salad

    Crispy fried porkbelly tossed in spicy dressing served with fresh greens.




  • Bulalo

    Slow braised osso bucco beef with corn fresh pechay served with a succulent broth.



  • Sinigang

    A Choice of Pork, Shrimp, Beef and Chicken in tomato, batwan hot and sour broth with long beans, white radish, kang kong, eggplant, and okra.



  • Chicken Binakol

    Slow braised organic chicken served in a nice coconut broth in chili leaves, leamon grass winter melon.



  • Seafood Express

    Mixed seafood (Fish, Shrimps, Squid, Mussels) poach in bicol express sauce.



  • Ciopino (mixed seafood in tomato sauce)

    A medley of seafoods crab, prawns, clams and mussels squid poached in aromatic native tomato sauce served with fried bread.



  • Sulu Laksa

    A seafood medley of prawns, mussels and squid in a coconut spiced broth served with fresh egg noodles.



  • Tom Yum (Seafood/Meat)

    Hot and Sour soup seasoned with prawns and chicken and mix asian spices.



  • Kimchi Chigue

    Mix Seafood in kimchi gochujang based broth with egg noodle & tofu.




  • Subo Mezza Platter

    Achuete tortillas with grilled eggplant dip, grilled bellpepper dip and mango salsa.



  • Adobo Tofu

    Fried black pepper tofu in adobo sauce and stir fried morning glory.



  • Gising Gising

    Kangkong steams poached in coconut & lemon grace sauce.



  • Fresh Lumpia

    Vegetarian fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce.



  • Pinakbet

    Garden vegetable stem poached in coconut sauce.



  • Ginataang Gulay

    Stir fried mixed vegetables and herbs in yellow curry coconut sauce.



  • Adobong Kangkong

    Stir fry morning glory.




  • Kimchi Fried Rice

    Stir Fried rice top with pork soy slices and soft boiled egg.



  • Bagoong Fried Rice

    Stir fried, fried rice with blended subo shrimp paste and mixed vegetables top with mango salad.



  • Squid Ink Fried Rice

    Squid Ink fried rice top with grilled spiced squid.



  • Seafood Fried Rice

    Mixed seafood, Shrimp, clams, squid mussels stir fried rice top with aioli sauce.



  • Adobo Fried Rice

    Stir fried rice mixed vegetables top with bagnet.



  • Yang Chao

    Stir fried rice, egg mixed vegetable and pork bits top with spring onions.



  • Pineapple Fried Rice

    Choices of: Beef, Shrimp, Pork, Chicken.




  • Squid Ink Palabok

    Squid Ink pasta with palabok sauce top with smoked fish and achuete prawn sauce served with mixed mussels and crispy pork belly.



  • Seafood Pasta (Red sauce or oil base)

    Mixed seafood, mixed prawns, mussels, clams and squid with pasta in olive oil, white wine and garlic or tomato based.



  • Pomodora

    Pasta with olive oil, tomato, basil served with garlic bread.



  • Putanesca

    Tomato based seafood pasta with anchioves, fresh tuna and mxed seafoods.



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