and Love

Our establishment is focused on serving various Filipino dishes from different parts of the country. Our goal is to create Filipino dining experience wherein we can educate, experience, and showcase our culture and traditions to our guests and customers. Through our food and service, we try to create new experiences by teaching Filipino etiquette and dining traditions. An example of this is through our cultural dance wherein we show our guests our native customs through movement.

In addition to this, Subo is designed in a way that our guest could really feel like they are at a Filipino home. In fact, the restaurant’s structure was imported piece-by-piece from Vigan, Ilocos Norte. We make sure that our customers feel welcome and get a sense of home. Lastly, we make it our statement that we showcase what it truly means to be a Filipino through our food.

We do our best to show that our food reminds people of how the Filipino people and its traditions really are. With this, our staff and team are happy to serve you and make you feel what Filipino dining is all about.