• Flaming Barako Ribs

    (Coffee spare ribs) Dry rub of barako arabica with a nice honey soy coffee glaze. 



  • Bagnet Pinakbet

    Crispy fried pork belly with stir fried shrimp, pumpkin, tomato snake beans, eggplant, ampalaya, and okra spiced in coconut sauce. 



  • Crispy Pata

    Crispy fried pork hocks with spiced vinegar dressing.


  • Beef Kare Kare

    Osso bucco beef, oxtripe in achuete peanut sauce with banana heart, snake beans, eggplant, baby choy sum, and okra. 


  • Crispy Pansit Canton

    Stir fried mixed seafoods, vegetable and mushrooms on crispy canton egg noodles. 


  • Crispy Pansit Canton (Vegetarian)

    Vegetarian type of Crispy Pansit Canton. 


  • Adobo

    Chicken and pork adobo braised in pepper, garlic, vinegar soy with soft boiled eggs. 


  • Bulalo Black Truffle Steak

    Sizzling beef shank served with bulalo truffle gravy. 



  • Crispy Tadyang w/ Cauliflower Salad

    Crispy fry short ribs served with cauliflower salad. 



  • Tomahawk Lechon Kawali

    Crispy fried lechon kawali with fried eggplant, bagoong and manga salsa. 


  • Chori Cheese Burger

    An Island favorite 80% beef 20% chorizo 100% the best