• 3 Stars and the Sun

    Fresh Roxas scallops with kimchi cucumbers pickled nori and chives paired with hakao.


  • Gambas con Chorizo

    Spiced coconut prawns sauteed with aromatic spices served with bread. 



  • Beef Salpicao

    Beef tenderloin sauted with garlic and olive oil.


  • Sizzling Sisig

    Pork hash cooked three ways seasoned with calamansi citrus and soy dressing served in a sizzling plate. 


  • Sinuglaw sa Gata

    Ceviche of fish, lime, vinegar, coconut cream pickled vegetables (sparkling/riesling).



  • Laing Fishball

    Coconut fish balls stuffed with yam leaves fried tilapia and chillies. 


  • Ginataang Sugpo

    Slowly poached tiger prawns in our famous coconut sauce. 



  • Calamares

    Crispy squid rings accompanied with squid ink aioli and fragant herbs. 


  • Spring Rolls

    Crispy home mix of Island spring rolls. 



  • Crispy Kangkong Nachos

    Crispy kangkong with tenderloin bits mango salsa cheese sauce kangkong served with spicy cheese rolls.


  • Croquetas Pugita

    Fresh Adobadong octopus with jamon serrano encased in potato crusted with dehydrated coconut and squid ink aioli.